5Paisa Promo Code (RAKE853): Get Free Rs 1250 GOLD

Are you looking for a 5Paisa promo code, Well we have an amazing offer from our side for you. With this 5Paisa promo code, you will get exclusive benefits from 5Paisa.com.

Promo Code: RAKE853

Tip 1:  After applying this code, Buy TATA Power share on 5Paisa with 600 Rupees, and boom, you will get additional TATA Power to share worth 3000 Free. 

Tip 2: Start a Mutual fund SIP with Rs 100 and get Rs 500 Bonus in your account.


With this coupon code, you will get: 

  • Free Gold Worth Rs 700+ Rs 500 Worth Stocks
  • Free SIP Bonus of Rs 500
  • Free Stocks worth Rs 3000 Of Tata Power
  • Free Brand Vouchers Worth 5000
  • Free Brokerage from 5 Paisa
  • Free Demat Account
5Paisa Promo Code

Have a look at these benefits of 5Paisa Promo codes.

Promo Code



- Free Gold worth Rs 700+

- Rs 500 worth Stocks

- Free SIP Bonus of Rs 500

- Free Stocks worth Rs 3000 of Tata Power

- Free Brand Vouchers worth Rs 5000

- Free Brokerage from 5 Paisa

- Free Demat Account


What is 5Paisa.com Promo Code: 

5Paisa.com is a Stock trading website and application where you can buy and sell Stock on NSE(National Stock Exchange) and BSE( Bombay Stock Exchange). 

Currently, 5 Paisa offers their new users a welcome amount when they create and trade on 5 paisa.

So 5 Paisa promo code is a coupon code that is offered to users when they create an account to redeem the welcome amount from 5 Paisa.

Where other companies are charging approx 1000 rupees just for a new Demat account, 5 Paisa offering this for free with RAKE853 promo code

How To Redeem 5 Paisa Promo Code: 

To redeem the 5Paisa promo code, Simply copy this code and paste it into 5Paisa. 
When you create a new account on 5 Paisa, it will ask for a referral code or promo code, Simply enter RAKE853 and get free gold and other rewards for free on a new account.

Here is the step-by-step guide to doing it. 

Login into your already created account

Note: Use your Aadhar Registered Mobile Number to Open an Account

2. In the new account, put refer code: RAKE853
The Promo code has already created the account.

Apply promo code page

Boom, You will get guaranteed benefits in your 5Paisa account when you trade at least 500 rupees of stokes. 

Documents Required To Create 5Paisa Account: 

Here, We are going to share some important documents that are required to create a new 5Paisa Account.

Documents Required To Create 5Paisa Account

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Bank Account Details with IFSC Code, you can search IFSC Code Here
Steps To Open Account With 5Paisa

Once you have all these documents, you can create a new 5 Paisa Account. 

Why Open An Account With 5Paisa With Promo Code: 

When you open a 5 Paisa account with promo code RAKE853, you will get these exclusive things together. 

  1. Fix trading charge
  2. No Hidden charges
  3. Free Brokerage
  4. Free Gold
  5. Free Demat Account
  6. No Annual maintenance
No charges on account open

FAQS For 5 Paisa Promo Code: 

1. What is the 5 Paisa Promo Code?: 

This is a type of code that use to get exclusive benefits from 5Paisa for a new account.

2. Is 5 Paisa Demat Account Is Free?:

Yes, the 5 Paisa Demat account is free. It only charges when you trade on their platform. 

3. How Realible Is 5Paisa?:

5 Paisa is used in India widely and it is a trusted platform. With over 10M+ Downloads and 3 Lac + 4.3-star ratings on the google play store, it widely used platform. 

4. Is There Any Account Opening Charges In 5Paisa?:

No, there is no account opening charges in 5 paisa.

Well, in this article, we tried over best to provide you with the 5Paisa promo code (RAKE853), but if you think that there is improvement needed, please share your suggestion in the comment box. 

Download the 5 paisa app and start trading with promo code RAKE853 , you will amazing benefits from 5Paisa.

If you like this article, do share it with your friends and family so that they can also get the 5paisa promo code. 

5Paisa Promo Code Videos: 


  1. Thanks for sharing 5 paisa promo code. I get additional bonus when i use these promo codes.


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