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Angel One Referral Code "KA55702PYR" Get Rs 1500 As Register Bonus

February 24, 2024

 Are you looking for Angel One Referral Code?

Well, In this article, we are going to share referral code angel one which you can use to get Rs.1500 as signup bonus that can be use for buying shares on Angel One. Also, you will get Rs.1000 as brokerage fee refund. 

Angel One Referral Code (Referral Code For Angel One):

Here are Coupon Code Details for Angel One referral Code 2024: 

Angel One Referral CodeKA55702PYR

Or Create your account here: Angle One Account


1. Rs.1500 As Welcome Bonus

2. First 3 Month No Brokerage Charges

3. Rs.1000 Brokerage refund

So what you waiting for, Open Angel One account today with referral code {KA55702PYR} and start your trading journey. 

What is Angel One:

Angel One Limited is an Indian stockbroker firm established in 1996. They offer a variety of services related to investing and trading, including:

Angel One Referral Code

Equity trading: Trade stocks and ETFs on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India (NSE).

Derivative trading: Trade futures and options contracts on the NSE and Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX).

Commodity trading: Trade commodities like gold, silver, and crude oil on the MCX.

Mutual fund investments: Invest in a wide range of mutual funds from various asset management companies.

IPO subscriptions: Pre-apply for IPOs (initial public offerings) through their platform.

Research and analysis: Get access to research reports and market insights from their team of analysts.

About Angel One app:

Angel One app

This is the mobile app developed by Angel One Limited for users to access their investments and trade on the go. The app features:

Seamless trading: Execute trades in stocks, futures & options, and currencies across NSE, BSE & MCX.

Simplified portfolio analysis: Track your investments and performance in a user-friendly way.

Transparency in charges: View all fees and charges associated with your trades.

Lightning-fast trading interactions: Enjoy quick and reliable order execution.

Trade directly from charts: Analyze charts and place trades directly from them.

trading options in angle one app

How To Earn With Angel One Referral Program (Angel Broking Referral Code): 

Earning with Angel One's Referral Program ( is a simple and potentially rewarding way to earn some extra cash! Here's how it works:

Angel One Referral Program


Join the program: If you haven't already, open an Angel One account to become eligible for the program.

Share your referral link or code: You can find your unique link or code in the "Refer & Earn" section of the Angel One app or website. Share this with your friends, family, or anyone interested in investing through Angel One.

Get rewarded: When someone opens an Angel One account and starts trading (within 30 days) using your referral link or code, you'll both be rewarded!


Referrer: You'll get a voucher worth Rs. 500 (as per current offers, check current terms and conditions for any updates). This voucher can be redeemed for various options like Amazon, BookMyShow, Big Basket etc.

Referee: Your friend will also receive a welcome bonus, which can be different depending on the current promotions.


Highlight the benefits: When promoting Angel One to your network, mention its user-friendly platform, low brokerage fees, and diverse investment options.

Target the right audience: Share your referral with people who are interested in investing or exploring the stock market.

Track your progress: Use the "Referral Rewards" section to track your referrals and see how much you've earned.

By following these steps and tips, you can maximize your earning potential with Angel One's Referral Program. Remember, responsible and honest recommendations are key to building trust and making the most of this opportunity.

Angel One Referral Program

How Much We Can Earn With Angel One Referral Program: 

While Angel One's referral program can be a decent way to earn some extra cash, the exact amount you can earn depends on several factors:

How Much We Can Earn With Angel One Referral Program

Number of referrals: The more people you successfully refer who complete the requirements, the more vouchers you'll receive.

Current offers: Angel One regularly changes their referral rewards, so the current voucher amount of Rs. 500 per referral might not be consistent in the future.

Your network and reach: If you have a large network of friends and family interested in investing or are someone with an already established audience (through social media or other platforms), you'll have a higher potential for successful referrals.

As you can see, we cant share exact amount, but there is no upper limit to earn money with angel one. 

Angel One App Charges: 

angel one charges

Charge Type Amount Description
Account Opening Charges ₹0 No charges for opening an account
AMC Charges Rs 240 + Tax (First Year Free) Annual Maintenance Charges, first year free
Equity Delivery Charges ₹0 No charges for equity delivery
Equity Intraday Charges ₹20 / Executed Order Or 0.25% (Whichever Is Lower) Charges for equity intraday trading
Equity FnO Charges ₹20 / Executed Order Or 0.25% (Whichever Is Lower) Charges for equity futures and options trading
Square off Charges ₹20 / Order Charges for square off transactions

FAQs To Angel One Referral Code (Angel Broking Introducer Code): 

Where can I find my referral code?

You can find your unique referral code in the "Refer & Earn" section of the Angel One app or website.

How do I share my referral code?

You can share your referral code through various platforms like WhatsApp, email, SMS, or social media. You can also directly copy and paste the code.

When will I get my reward?

You'll typically receive your reward within 7 days after your friend successfully opens an account and starts trading using your referral code.

Angel One Review: 

One Card Invite Code: ANUPGSBIM - Get Rs 250

February 18, 2024

Are you looking for a OneCard Referral Code? Well in this article we are going to share the One card refer code so that you can use that code to get INR 250 cashback in your wallet when you activate your account with one card invite code.

OneCard Referral Code : ANUPGSBIM

One Card Invite Code : ANUPGSBIM

Offer: Get INR 250 When You Activate Your OneCard by using this one card invite code

One card invite code

How To Get Start With One Card Invite Code

To get started with one card, follow these simple steps. 

1. Download one card app

2. Create an FD 

3. You will get 100% amount on your credit card. 

4. Use this credit card to do the shopping and earn rewards. 

onecard referral code

One Card Invite Code Benefits: 

There are many benefits you will get exclusively by using one card invite code. Here are the details about one card invite code benefits:

  • 2500 Invite Code Bonus when your create a new account
  • No Yearly fee 
  • No hidden terms 7 conditions
  • Fixed deposit benefits
  • 10x Reward points when you spend online
  • Convert points into cash (No Limit)

What Is One Card: 

OneCard is a digital-first, mobile-based credit card platform that offers a unique and simplified credit card experience. Developed by FPL Technologies, an Indian fintech startup, OneCard aims to address the pain points of traditional credit card management by providing a user-friendly interface, real-time transaction tracking, and easy reward redemption. 

The physical OneCard is a sleek, metal card that adds a touch of elegance to your wallet.

Also Read: Angle One Referral Code

Key Features of OneCard:

OneCard sets itself apart from traditional credit cards through its innovative features and user-centric approach. Let's examine some of the key features that make OneCard stand out:

1. Digital-first experience: OneCard is designed for a seamless, mobile-first experience. The entire application process, from applying to managing your account, takes place on your smartphone through the OneCard app.

2. Real-time transaction tracking: OneCard offers instant notifications and real-time tracking of your transactions, helping you stay informed about your spending habits and maintain control over your finances.

3. Flexible payment options: With OneCard, you can choose between multiple repayment options, including full payment, minimum payment, or a custom amount. This flexibility allows you to manage your cash flow more effectively.

4. Rewards program: OneCard offers a straightforward rewards program with no confusing points or categories. Earn 1% cashback on every transaction, and redeem rewards instantly through the OneCard app.

5. No hidden fees: OneCard is transparent about its fees, with no joining or annual fees. Additionally, it offers a waiver on the 2% foreign currency markup fee for the first five transactions.

6. Robust security features: OneCard employs advanced security features like instant card lock and unlock, real-time transaction alerts, and customizable spending limits to ensure the safety of your account.

How to Apply for OneCard:

To apply for OneCard, follow these simple steps:

1. Download the OneCard app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

2. Register for a new account using your mobile number and email address.

3. Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process by submitting your PAN card and address proof.

4. Wait for your application to be reviewed and approved.

5. Once approved, your physical OneCard will be delivered to your address.


OneCard is a game-changer in the Indian credit card market, offering a unique and simplified experience that caters to the needs of today's tech-savvy consumers. 

The digital-first approach, combined with innovative features and a user-friendly interface, makes OneCard an attractive option for those looking to manage their credit card finances more effectively. Give OneCard a try and take control of your financial journey.

One Card Refer & Earn: 

One card offers refer and earn program through which you can make money by refer friends on one card. When your friend download one card app and use your refer code, you will get Rs 250 as referral bonus. 

To refer friends on OneCard, follow these simple steps. 

1. Open One Card App

2. Now click on Refer option in app

3. You will get a refer link and invite code. 

4. Use this invite code to share with friends. 

FAQs About Onecard Referral Code: 

  1. What is a OneCard referral code?
    • A OneCard referral code is a unique code provided to OneCard users that they can share with others. By using a referral code during the registration process, both the referrer and the new user can earn rewards or benefits.
  2. How can I obtain a OneCard referral code?
    • OneCard referral codes are typically given to existing OneCard users. You can ask your friends or acquaintances who are already using OneCard to share their referral code with you.
  3. Can I share my OneCard referral code with multiple people?
    • Yes, you can share your OneCard referral code with multiple individuals. The more people who use your referral code, the more rewards or benefits you may earn.
  4. What rewards can I earn through the OneCard referral program?
    • The specific rewards or benefits offered through the OneCard referral program may vary. Typically, you may earn credits, discounts, cashback, or other incentives based on the terms and conditions of the referral program.
  5. How do I use a OneCard referral code during registration?
    • To use a OneCard referral code, enter the code in the designated field during the registration or sign-up process. This is usually done when creating a new OneCard account or during the application process.
  6. Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make?
    • The referral program may have specific rules regarding the number of referrals you can make. Check the terms and conditions or guidelines provided by OneCard to determine if there are any limitations.
  7. Can I earn rewards if I use a referral code after creating my OneCard account?
    • Typically, referral codes need to be used during the initial registration or account creation process. If you've already created your OneCard account without using a referral code, you may not be eligible for referral rewards.


5Paisa Promo Code (RAKE853): Get Free Rs 1250 GOLD

February 16, 2024

Are you looking for a 5Paisa promo code, Well we have an amazing offer from our side for you. With this 5Paisa promo code, you will get exclusive benefits from

Promo Code: RAKE853

Tip 1:  After applying this code, Buy TATA Power share on 5Paisa with 600 Rupees, and boom, you will get additional TATA Power to share worth 3000 Free. 

Tip 2: Start a Mutual fund SIP with Rs 100 and get Rs 500 Bonus in your account.


With this coupon code, you will get: 

  • Free Gold Worth Rs 700+ Rs 500 Worth Stocks
  • Free SIP Bonus of Rs 500
  • Free Stocks worth Rs 3000 Of Tata Power
  • Free Brand Vouchers Worth 5000
  • Free Brokerage from 5 Paisa
  • Free Demat Account
5Paisa Promo Code

Have a look at these benefits of 5Paisa Promo codes.

Promo Code



- Free Gold worth Rs 700+

- Rs 500 worth Stocks

- Free SIP Bonus of Rs 500

- Free Stocks worth Rs 3000 of Tata Power

- Free Brand Vouchers worth Rs 5000

- Free Brokerage from 5 Paisa

- Free Demat Account


What is Promo Code: is a Stock trading website and application where you can buy and sell Stock on NSE(National Stock Exchange) and BSE( Bombay Stock Exchange). 

Currently, 5 Paisa offers their new users a welcome amount when they create and trade on 5 paisa.

So 5 Paisa promo code is a coupon code that is offered to users when they create an account to redeem the welcome amount from 5 Paisa.

Where other companies are charging approx 1000 rupees just for a new Demat account, 5 Paisa offering this for free with RAKE853 promo code

How To Redeem 5 Paisa Promo Code: 

To redeem the 5Paisa promo code, Simply copy this code and paste it into 5Paisa. 
When you create a new account on 5 Paisa, it will ask for a referral code or promo code, Simply enter RAKE853 and get free gold and other rewards for free on a new account.

Here is the step-by-step guide to doing it. 

Login into your already created account

Note: Use your Aadhar Registered Mobile Number to Open an Account

2. In the new account, put refer code: RAKE853
The Promo code has already created the account.

Apply promo code page

Boom, You will get guaranteed benefits in your 5Paisa account when you trade at least 500 rupees of stokes. 

Documents Required To Create 5Paisa Account: 

Here, We are going to share some important documents that are required to create a new 5Paisa Account.

Documents Required To Create 5Paisa Account

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Bank Account Details with IFSC Code, you can search IFSC Code Here
Steps To Open Account With 5Paisa

Once you have all these documents, you can create a new 5 Paisa Account. 

Why Open An Account With 5Paisa With Promo Code: 

When you open a 5 Paisa account with promo code RAKE853, you will get these exclusive things together. 

  1. Fix trading charge
  2. No Hidden charges
  3. Free Brokerage
  4. Free Gold
  5. Free Demat Account
  6. No Annual maintenance
No charges on account open

FAQS For 5 Paisa Promo Code: 

1. What is the 5 Paisa Promo Code?: 

This is a type of code that use to get exclusive benefits from 5Paisa for a new account.

2. Is 5 Paisa Demat Account Is Free?:

Yes, the 5 Paisa Demat account is free. It only charges when you trade on their platform. 

3. How Realible Is 5Paisa?:

5 Paisa is used in India widely and it is a trusted platform. With over 10M+ Downloads and 3 Lac + 4.3-star ratings on the google play store, it widely used platform. 

4. Is There Any Account Opening Charges In 5Paisa?:

No, there is no account opening charges in 5 paisa.

Well, in this article, we tried over best to provide you with the 5Paisa promo code (RAKE853), but if you think that there is improvement needed, please share your suggestion in the comment box. 

Download the 5 paisa app and start trading with promo code RAKE853 , you will amazing benefits from 5Paisa.

If you like this article, do share it with your friends and family so that they can also get the 5paisa promo code. 

5Paisa Promo Code Videos: 

Paytm Refer Code: Use "bonus110" To get Rs 500 Bonus

January 08, 2024

Are you looking for paytm refer code?

Here are details about paytm refer code. 

Paytm Refer Code: bonus110

Reward: Rs 500

Get started with a Paytm UPI account using the provided link or by applying the code "bonus110" before your first transaction to unlock exciting rewards. Sign up now and earn up to ₹500 cashback, and as you refer friends, you can earn an additional ₹500 cashback.

Also Check: 5Paisa Promo Code

Paytm Refer Code Key Details:

Paytm UPI Referral Link: Download Here

Paytm UPI Referral Code: bonus110

Minimum Transfer: ₹100

Signup Benefit: Up to ₹500 cashback

Refer & Earn: Up to ₹500 cashback

How to Create a Paytm UPI with Referral Code or Link:

Download the Paytm app 

Paytm Refer Code

Open the app and apply the referral code "bonus110" during signup.

Apply paytm refer code

Access UPI Money Transfer on the home screen.

Get Rs 500

Enter your friend's details or mobile number.

Verify your mobile number and link your debit card if required.

Paytm refer code

Set a new secret code for first-time users or use existing ones from other UPI apps.

Congratulations! You've successfully created a Paytm BHIM UPI account.

Easy Steps To Get Reward: 

Sign Up: Download the Paytm app from the given link.

Apply Code: During sign-up, enter the code "bonus110".

Explore UPI: Access UPI Money Transfer in the app.

Refer Friends: Share your referral code and earn rewards for each friend who joins!

Important Info:

Referral Benefits: Earn ₹500 cashback for every successful referral. Your friend also gets up to ₹500 cashback after transferring just ₹50 within 7 days of joining.

Terms and Conditions: Make sure the first payment is made within 7 days to qualify for the referral reward. Certain banks might not be eligible for this offer.

Limitations: You can earn a maximum of ₹2,000 referral cashback per month and ₹10,000 in your lifetime.

Paytm UPI Refer and Earn:

Earn ₹500 cashback per successful referral. Your friend also gets up to ₹500 cashback by transferring a minimum of ₹50 within 7 days of linking their bank account.

Find your referral code on the home page under the "Refer" option. You can modify the code on the same page.

Terms and Conditions:

Referrer earns ₹500 cashback and a Paytm Wishlist card on a successful referral.

No minimum or maximum payment requirement for eligibility.

A successful referral occurs when a friend signs up via the referral link and makes their first payment from their bank account on Paytm within 7 days.

Referral won’t be successful if payment is made from certain banks.

No cashback for referrals already recommended by others.

In the case of multiple referrals, the last clicked link before the eligible transaction determines the referrer's cashback.

Multiple accounts on the same device count as one successful referral.

Users can earn a maximum of ₹2,000 referral cashback per month and ₹10,000 in a lifetime.

Double Meaning Questions: 800+ Hindi, English Questions & Captions

December 11, 2023

 Are you looking for double meaning questions?

Well, in this post we are sharing double meaning question to ask a girl so that you can get a first impression.

So without wasting your time, here are flirty double meaning questions to ask.

For English double meaning questions, please scroll to the end of this post.

double meaning questions

Double Meaning Questions To Ask a Girl: 

 प्रश्न – सुहागरात में हर पत्नी अपने पति को क्या देती है?

उत्तर – एक ग्लास गर्म ढूध

प्रश्न – वह क्या चीज है जिसके चारो तरफ बाल होते है और बिच में एक दरार जैसी होती है जिसमे पहली बार आदमी डालता है फिर हमेशा औरत खुद डालती है?

उत्तर – मांग में सिंदूर

प्रश्न – वह कौन सी चीज है जिसे लडकिया लडको का जी भर के चाटती है?

उत्तर – दिमाग

प्रश्न – वो क्या चीज है जो करते वक़्त लड़की चिल्लाती है तो लड़का उसे चुप रहता है?

उत्तर – झगडा

प्रश्न – वो कौनसी चीज है जिसे लडकिया देख कर डर जाती है और बादमे अन्दर नहीं डालने देती पर बादमे जबरदस्ती डालना पड़ता है

उत्तर – बाली

प्रश्न – लडकिया 18 साल से पहले नहीं करती वो क्या है?

उत्तर – मतदान

प्रश्न – वो क्या चीज है जिसे मारते समय लोगो की दिल की धड़कन 1 मिली सेकंड के लिए रुक जाता है

उत्तर – छिक

प्रश्न – वो क्या चीज है जो लम्बा और मोटा हो तो ज्यादातर लडकियों को पसंद आता है?

उत्तर – बाल

प्रश्न – वो क्या चीज है जिसे करने से बच्चे निकलते है?

उत्तर – स्कूल की छुट्टी

प्रश्न – वो कौनसी चीज है जो लड़का अपनी बहन की देख सकता है पत्नी की देख सकता है पर माँ की नहीं देख सकता?

उत्तर – शादी

प्रश्न – लड़की की कौनसी चीज हमेशा गीली रहती है?

उत्तर – जुबान या मुह

प्रश्न – तिन लडकिया आइसक्रीम खा रही थी उसमे से एक आइसक्रीम चाट रही थी एक लड़की चूस रही थी और एक लड़की काट काट के खा रही थी बताओ उसमे से शादीशुदा कौनसी है?

उत्तर – जिसकी मांग में सिंदूर होगा

प्रश्न – वो कौनसी चीज है जो लडकिय कुवारी होती है तब तक नहीं कर सकती?

उत्तर – सिंदूर नहीं लगा सकती, मंगलसूत्र नही पहन सकती और तलाक नही दे सकती

प्रश्न – वो चीज बताओ जो लडको का छोटा होता हा और लडकियों का बड़ा होता है?

उत्तर – बाल

प्रश्न – वो क्या चीज है जो लडकिया शादी के बाद अपने पति का चाटती है?

उत्तर – दिमाग

प्रश्न – वो कौनसी चीज है जो लडकियों की शादी के बाद बढ़ जाता है?

उत्तर – डिमांड

प्रश्न – वो कौनसी जगह है जहा लड़के और लडकियों के बाल घुन्गुराले होते है?

उत्तर – अफ्रीका

प्रश्न – वो कौनसी चीज है जो लडकियों के पास तो होती है पर उसका इस्तमाल दुसरे लोग ही करते है?

उत्तर – नाम

प्रश्न – वो कौनसी चीज है जो मसलने पर खड़ा होता है व थूक लगाकर अन्दर डालते है?

उत्तर – सुई धागा

प्रश्न – वो क्या चीज है जो Woman के आगे होते है और Cow के पीछे ?

उत्तर – W – woman के आगे होते है और cow के पीछे

प्रश्न – ऐसा क्या है जिसे पकड़ के रखने में अच्छा लगता है और पकड़ के झुकने पर दर्द होता है ?

उत्तर – झाड़ू

प्रश्न – रात में डाला तो कड़क था दिन में निकाला तो नरम बताओ क्या?

उत्तर – चन्ना

प्रश्न – वो क्या चीज है जो किसी का बड़ा होता है तो किसी का छोटा होता है पर शादी के बाद हर पति अपनी पत्नी को देता है?

उत्तर – दिल

प्रश्न – वो क्या चीज है जो जिसके पास है वो पकड़ के हिलाता है और जिसके पास नहीं है वो ऊँगली डालकर हिलाता है?

उत्तर – ब्रश

प्रश्न – हर लड़की के दोनों पैरो के बिच में क्या होता है?

उत्तर – घुटना

प्रश्न – लडको के शरीर में वो कौनसा अंग है जो जरुरत के हिसाब से बड़ा होता है और छोटा भी होता है?

उत्तर – आँखों में पाया जाने वाला रेटिना

प्रश्न – लड़के की वो चीज बताओ जिसमे हड्डी नहीं होती पर लड़की उससे बहुत प्यार करती है?

उत्तर – दिल

प्रश्न – शरीर का वो अंग बताओ जिसमे उंगली डालने पर पानी आता है?

उत्तर – आँख

प्रश्न – लड़की अपने सभी कपडे कब उतारती है ?

उत्तर – जब कपडे सूख जाते है

प्रश्न – जब कोई लड़की या औरत किसी व्यक्ति के सामने झुकती है तो व्यक्ति को उस लड़की या औरत का क्या दिखाई देता है?

उत्तर – संस्कार

 प्रश्न – एक अँधेरी रात थी और वो मेरे साथ थी में उसके ऊपर था और वो मेरे निचे थी ?

उत्तर – साइकल

प्रश्न – कोई भी लड़का या लड़की कितने भी गोरे हो पर उनकी एक चीज काली होती है बताओ वो क्या है ?

उत्तर – परछाई

प्रश्न – वो क्या चीज है जिसे लड़का करते करते थक जाता है और लड़की कहती है और करो ?

उत्तर – शोपिंग

 प्रश्न – वो कौनसी चीज है जो लड़की और लड़के दोनों के पास होती है पर लड़का छुपा के फिरता है और लड़की दिखा के फिरती है?

उत्तर – पर्स

 प्रश्न – लडकियों की वह क्या चीज है जो बहुत जल्दी निकल आता है ?

उत्तर – लडकियों के आँख के आंसू

 प्रश्न – वो कौनसी चीज है जिसे लडकियों में आसानी से डाला जा सकता है?

उत्तर – शंका – अर्थात लडकियों में शक को बहुत ही जल्दी डाला जा सकता है

प्रश्न – वो क्या चीज है जिसे जितना साफ़ करो उतना ही काला होता है?

उत्तर – ब्लैक बोर्ड

प्रश्न – किसी भी इंसान का सबसे व्यस्त अंग कौनसा होता है?

उत्तर – ह्रदय और दिमाग यह दोनों अंग कभी भी एक क्षण के लिए भी आराम नहीं करते

प्रश्न – जब किसी के होठो से होठ मिले तब क्या होता है?

उत्तर – मुह बंद हो जाता है

 प्रश्न – वो क्या है जो पति का छोटा हो या बड़ा हो पर शादी के बाद लड़की को लेना ही पड़ता है?

उत्तर – सरनेम  अर्थात शादी के बाद लड़की के साथ लड़के का सरनेम लगता है

 प्रश्न – औरत के आगे गोल गोल क्या लटकता है?

उत्तर – लाकेट – यह सवाल जिस लड़की को पुचा गया था वो लोकेट पहनी हुई थी

 प्रश्न – उस चीज का नाम बताओ जिसके नाम के आगे c आता है और लास्ट में t आता है और उसमे से सफ़ेद पानी निकलता है

उत्तर – coconut

प्रश्न – लड़की के शरीर का कौनसा भाग खाया जा सकता है?

उत्तर – लेडीफिंगर

प्रश्न – लड़की के शरीर का सबसे गर्म भाग कौनसा होता है?

उत्तर – कोई भी भाग हो सकता है क्युकी जिस भाग में रक्त का संचार सबसे ज्यादा होगा वो भाग ज्यादा गर्म होगा

 प्रश्न – मार्कर उठाओ और बोर्ड पे कुछ लिखो?

उत्तर – “कुछ” लिखना है

प्रश्न – एक कमरा है जिसमे अँधेरा है व उसमे एक मोमबत्ती और लालटेन है उसमे से आप पहले किसे जलायेगे ?

उत्तर – सबसे पहले माचिस की तीली जलाएंगे

प्रश्न – वो कौनसी चीज है जिसे खाने के लिए ख़रीदा जाता है पर उसे खाया नहीं जाता ?

उत्तर – थाली

प्रश्न :- ऐसी कौन सी चीज है जिसे लड़कियां लड़कों का जी भर के चाट लेती हैं?

उत्तर:– दिमाग

प्रश्न :- ऐसी कौन सी चीज है जिसे करते समय लड़कियां बहुत चिल्लाती हैं लेकिन लड़के अक्सर चुप रहते हैं?

उत्तर:- झगडा

प्रश्न :- ऐसी कौन सी जगह है जहां लड़के और लड़कियों के बाल घुंघराले होते हैं

उत्तर:– अफ्रीका

प्रश्न :- वो कौन सी ऐसी वस्तु जिसे मसल कर खड़ा किया और थूक लगा कर अन्दर डाला जाता है 

उत्तर:- सुई में धागा

प्रश्न:- लड़को के शरीर में वो कौन सा अंग है जिसमे हड्डी नहीं होती लेकिन जरुरत के वक़्त खड़ा हो जाता है 

उत्तर:- कान 

प्रश्न:-  लड़कियों के शरीर का वो कौन सा अंग है जिसमें उंगली डालने पर पानी आता है?

उत्तर:- आँख

प्रश्न:-  एक अँधेरी रात थी और वो मेरे साथ थी में उसके ऊपर था और वो मेरे निचे थी ?

उत्तर:- साइकल

प्रश्न:-   कोई भी लड़का या लड़की कितने भी गोरे या काले हो पर उनकी एक चीज हमेशा काली होती है बताओ वो क्या है ?

उत्तर:- परछाई

प्रश्न:-   वो क्या चीज है जिसे लड़के करते करते थक जाता है लेकिन लड़की कहती है और करो ?

उत्तर:- शोपिंग

प्रश्न:-   वो कौन सी ऐसी चीज है जो लड़की और लड़के दोनों के पास होती है पर लड़का छुपा के चलता  है और लड़की दिखा के चलती है?

उत्तर:- पर्स

प्रश्न:-   जब किसी के होठों से होठ मिलते है तब क्या होता है?

उत्तर:- मुह बंद हो जाता है

प्रश्न:-   वो क्या है जो पति से छोटा हो या बड़ा लेकिन शादी के बाद हर लड़की को लेना पड़ता है?

उत्तर:- सरनेम

प्रश्न:-   क्या करते वक्त लड़कियां बहुत चिल्लाती है पर लड़के लड़कियों को चुप करते है 

उत्तर:- झगडा

प्रश्न:-   ऐसी कौन सी चीज है जो आदमी और औरत रात में लेना ज्यादा पसंद करते है

उत्तर:- नींद

प्रश्न:-   वह कौन सी मोटी और लंबी चीज है जिसे लड़कियां बहुत ज्यादा पसंद करती है?

उत्तर:- बाल और चोटी

प्रश्न:-   लड़की अपने प्रेमी से बोली पहले तो तुम मेरा रोज लेते थे पर अब कभी कभी लेते हो बताओ क्या ?

उत्तर:- फोटो या राय

प्रश्न:-   ऐसी कौन सी चीज है मुँह में डालते वक़्त सख्त होती है लेकिन निकलते वक़्त गीली और ढीली होती है?

उत्तर:- चिंगम

प्रश्न:-  कुछ औरतें अपने मुँह से सबका ले लेना पसंद करती है लेकिन अपने पति व ससुर का लेना पसंद नहीं करती  

उत्तर:- अपने पति व ससुर का नाम

प्रश्न:-   ऐसी कौन सी चीज है जो गाय के चार और लड़की के दो होते हैं?

उत्तर:-  पैर

प्रश्न:-   एक आइसक्रीम की दूकान पर तीन 3 लडकिया आइसक्रीम खा रही थी उसमे पहली वाली आइसक्रीम चाट कर खा रही थी, दूसरी वाली आइसक्रीम चूस चूस कर खा रही थी और तीसरी वाली आइसक्रीम काट काट के खा रही थी तो बताओ तीनो में से कौन सी लड़की शादीशुदा है?

उत्तर:- जिसकी मांग में सिंदूर होगा

प्रश्न:-   वो कौन सी चीज है जिसे ख़रीदा खाने ले लिए ख़रीदा जाता है पर खा नहीं सकते बताओ क्या 

उत्तर:- थाली 

प्रश्न:-   किसी लड़की का शरीर सबसे ज्यादा गर्म कब होता है 

उत्तर:- बुखार में 

प्रश्न:-   वो क्या है जो लड़की पहली बार करवाने पर ज़ोर ज़ोर से चिल्लाती है?

उत्तर:- कान में छेद

प्रश्न:-  वो क्या है जिसके आधा जाने पर दर्द होता है पर पूरा जाने पर अच्छा लगता है लड़कियों को ?

उत्तर:- हाथ में कंगन , कड़ा , चूड़ी 

प्रश्न:-   वो कौन सी चीज है जो लड़का और लड़की दोनों साथ में करते है और लेकिन लड़का जल्दी थक जाता और लेकिन लड़की कभी नहीं थकती 

उत्तर:- शॉपिंग

प्रश्न:-  वो कौन सा काम है ऐसा जिसे औरत और आदमी दोनो अपनी पेंट उतार कर करते हैं?

उत्तर:- शौच 

प्रश्न:-   वो कौन-सा काम है जिसे  शादीशुदा औरते रोज करती हैं लेकिन कुंवारी लड़किया शादी से पहले नही करना चाहती 

उत्तर:- सिंदूर लगाना और मंगलसूत्र पहनना 

प्रश्न:-  एक लड़के ने अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड की आगे से ली फिर पीछे से ली खड़े करके ली लिया झुका के ली उठा के ली बैठा के ली फिर लेट कर के ली लड़के ने लड़की की  क्या ली?

उत्तर:- फोटो

प्रश्न:-  लड़का लड़की को अपनी कौन सी चीज पर बिठा कर उछालना पसंद करता है और लड़की भी बुरा नहीं मानती 

उत्तर:- बाईक पर

प्रश्न:-   महिलाओ के कौन सी जगह पर के बाल पुरुषों को पसंद नहीं आते 

उत्तर:- उनके चेहरे पर

प्रश्न:-  वो कौन सा काम है जो करते वक़्त महिला पुरुषो से बोलती है की थोड़ा और अंदर डालो 

उत्तर:- सुई में धागा डालते वक़्त 

प्रश्न:-  वो ऐसी कौन सी चीज है जो लड़की एक बार देती और बार बार मांगने से मना कर देती है 

उत्तर:- सलाह 

प्रश्न:-   ऐसी कोण सी चीज है जो लड़की को बार बार मना करने पर भी खोल देती है 

उत्तर:- अपना मुँह

प्रश्न:-  वो कौन सी चीज है जिसे मुँह में डालकर अंदर बहार – आगे पीछे करेत है और थोड़ी देर के बाद सफेद सफेद थूक निकलता है 

उत्तर:- टूथ ब्रश

प्रश्न:-   वो कौन सी चीज है जो लड़को को 1 बार और लड़कियों को 2 बार मिलता है 

उत्तर:- उपनाम 

प्रश्न:-   कुछ लोग रात में थोड़ी देर तक करते है और कुछ लोग पूरी रात करते है तब जाकर होता है उनका ?

उत्तर:- मोबाइल चार्ज 

प्रश्न:-   ऐसा कौन सा काम है जो महिला और पुरुष दोनों कपडे खोल कर करते है 

उत्तर:-  नहाना

प्रश्न:-   वो कौन सी चीज है जो महिला पहली बार अपने पति के हाथ से डलवाना पसंद करती है उसके बाद से अपने हाथ से कर लेती है 

उत्तर:- मांग में सिंदूर 

प्रश्न:-  वो कौन सी ऐसी चीज है जो लड़कियों के बड़े बड़े होते है और लड़को के छोटे छोटे होते है 

उत्तर:- बाल 

प्रश्न:-  ऐसी कौन सी पूजा है जिसे करने के बाद हमारा पेट भर जाता है 

उत्तर:- पेट पूजा 

प्रश्न:-  को कौन सी चीज है जिसके एक बार फटने कोई सील नहीं सकता 

उत्तर:- गुब्बारा और दूध 

प्रश्न:-  ऐसी कौन सी चीज करने से बच्चे निकलते है 

उत्तर:- छुट्टी , स्कूल की छुट्टी 

प्रश्न:-  ऐसी कौन की चीज है जिसे जितना भी साफ कर लिया जाये लेकिन रहता कला ही है 

उत्तर:- ब्लैक बोर्ड 

प्रश्न:-  कोई भी महिला या लड़की किसी के सामने जब झुकती है तो उसका किया दीखता है 

उत्तर:- संस्कार 

प्रश्न:-  ऐसा कौन सा काम है तो लड़के थूक लगा कर करते है 

उत्तर:- सुई में धागा डालना 

प्रश्न:- कला घोडा सफ़ेद सवारी – चढ़ते उतरते दोनों बरी बरी 

 उत्तर:- तवा पर रोटी

प्रश्न:-  ऐसी कौन सी चीज है जिसे लड़किया रात में उतर कर सोती है 

उत्तर:- जूता-चप्पल

प्रश्न:-  ऐसी कौन सी चीज है जो लड़कियाँ फ्री में किसी को नहीं देती 

उत्तर:- धोखा या प्यार 

प्रश्न:- बिना धोये खाते है और खा कर पछताते है और बोलो ऐसी की चीज है जो कहते  समय शर्माते है 

उत्तर:- धोखा 

Double Meaning Questions In English: 

uestion:- What is such a thing that girls take inside, it is hard and very tight but becomes soft as soon as it comes out?

Answer:- Chingam

Question:-  What is the meaning of the phrase, “behind the times”?

Answer:-  The phrase “behind the times” means that someone is out of step with the current trends or events.

Question:- Three Hindu girls were eating ice cream out of which….

1 girl is eating licking
Another girl is sucking and eating
 If the third girl is eating bites, then tell which of these girls will get married?

Answer:- Whose demand will have vermilion

Question: What does the wife give to her husband during the honeymoon?

Answer: A glass of warm milk

Question: – What is that which has hair all around and there is a gap in the middle, in which first man puts it and then woman puts it herself?

Answer:- Sindoor in demand

Question: – What is that thing that girls lick from people wholeheartedly?

Answer :- brain

Question:- What if the girl screams while doing what the boy silences her?

Answer:- quarrel

Question: – What is such a thing that girls are scared to see and do not let them put inside themselves, but the one who puts them forcefully puts them?

Answer:- Bali

Question: – What do children get out of doing?

Answer:- By taking school leave

Question: What is one thing about a girl that is always wet?

Answer:- tongue or mouth

Question:- Three girls are eating ice-cream, one girl is eating lick-licking, one girl is eating suck-suck and one girl is eating bite-sized, tell which of these girls is married?

Answer:- Whose demand will have vermilion

Question: – What is that thing that is small for boys and big for girls?

Answer:- hair

Question:- Some girls lick their husband after marriage, tell me what?

Answer :- brain

Question: What happens to girls after marriage?

Answer:- Demand

Question: – Which is the place where the hair of man and woman is curly?

Answer:- Africa

Question: – What is such a thing that girls have but someone else uses it?

Answer:- Name

Question: – What is such a thing which is raised by muscle and spit is inserted?

Answer:- needle thread

Question: – When I hit hard, there was a sound of screaming when I entered?

Answer:- While playing cricket when hitting six

Question: – What is it that happens in front of the woman and behind the cow?

Answer:- W – behind the cow is in front of the woman

Question: – What is it that works by holding it in the hand and on bending it causes back pain?

Answer:- Broom

Question: – If put in the night it was hard, if taken out during the day, tell me what is soft?

Answer:- Channa

Question: – Somebody’s elder is somebody’s younger, each husband gives his wife after marriage?

Answer:- Heart

Question:- The one who has o shakes the grip and the one who does not have o shakes by putting his finger?

Answer:- Brush

Question: – What happens between the two legs of girls?

Answer:- Knee

Question: – Which part of the body of boys is big and small according to the requirement?

Answer:- Retina found in the eyes

Question: – Which body part of boys does not have bones, but it is very useful while making love?

Answer:- Heart

Question: In which part of girls does water come when finger is inserted?

Answer:- Eye

Question: When does the girl take off all her clothes?

Answer:- When clothes get dry

Question: – When a woman or girl bows before a man, what does the man see of that woman or girl?

Answer:- Sanskar

Question:- It was a dark night o I was with me, oh, tell me below me, who was it?

Answer:- Cycle

Question: – Be it a white girl or a boy, their one thing is black, tell me what?

Answer:- Shadow

Question: – What is such a thing that both the boy and the girl have but the boy walks in hiding and the girl walks by showing?

Answer:- purse

Double meaning questions asked in IAS interview (Just Fun)

Question: – What is that thing that can be easily instilled in girls?

Answer:- Doubt – the disease of doubt can be easily put in girls.

Question: Which is the most busy part of the human body?

Answer:- Heart and brain – these two organs never rest

Question: What happens when lips meet lips?

Answer: – Mouth is closed – you see both your lips together

Question: – Whether the husband is small or big, the wife has to take it after marriage?

Answer:- Surname – After marriage, every girl has to put her husband’s surname after her name.

This question was asked to a girl while taking the interview.

Question:- Name the spherical thing which has a bunch of hair around it and its name starts from c and ends at t, which is also filled with white water?

Answer:- coconut

Question: Which part of the girl’s body is the hottest?

Answer:- It can be any part – The garden in which the blood circulation is maximum, that part will be the hottest.

Question: If it is dark in a room where there is a candle and a lantern, what will you light first?

Answer:- First of all we will light the match stick.

Double meaning questions fill in the blank

Question:- ……………. is front in women and backward in cow

Answer:- W

Question: – When half of the girl goes to …………….. she screams and becomes happy when she goes full

Answer:- Bracelet

Question:- After getting married, girls lick their husband’s …………………

Answer :- brain

Question: – In the morning the boy shakes by holding …………….

Answer:- Brush

Question:- Girls have hair around ……….. and there is a crack in the middle.

Answer:- Demand

Question:- Boy gets tired of ……………. but girl says I have to do more

Answer :- Shopping

double meaning questions in english

Question – What is the girl’s thing that is always wet?
Ans – mouth

question: wo kya chiz hai jo ladki ji bhar ke chatti hai?
answer: brain

double meaning questions to ask a girl english

Question – What does a dog do that a man steps into?
Ans – Pants.

Innocently Naughty Riddles

Question – apka kiss me interest hai?

Ans – 1st :apka kis topic me interest hai. jais ki apko kya pasand hai. song sunna, bahar gumna etc.

2nd: iska matlab hai ki apko kiss( chumna) me interst hai. app kya muje kiss karogi? 

double meaning questions to ask a boy

question: kya karne se bachhe nikalte hai?

answer: school ki chhuti krne se bachhe nikalte hai. 

question – ladki apne sare kapde kab utarti hai?
answer: jab khuti ke sare kapde sukh jate hai.

question – How do you find a blind man in a nudist colony?
answer: It’s not hard

Ques – What’s most useful when it’s long and hard?
answer: An education

Ques – Which free thing boys never take?
answer: stayfree

Double Meaning Captions For Instagram

Good girls are bad girls.
I just be chillin
It is what it is.
No Fake SHit.
Self love isn’t selfish, it is important.
The more weird you are, the more fun you are.
What else?
You are cold and I burn. I guess I will never learn.
Your loss babe.
hated by plenty. loved by many.

Kangal neeye lyrics in malayalam

December 10, 2023

 Are you looking for Kangal neeye lyrics in malayalam?

Check out these Kangal neeye lyrics in malayalam. 

Kangal neeye lyrics in malayalam

Kangal neeye lyrics in malayalam:

Kangal neeyae

kaatrum neeyae

Thoonum nee thurumbil nee

Vannnam neeyae

Vaanum neeyae

Oonum nee uyirum nee

Pala naal kanavae

Oru naal nanavae

Yekkangal theerthaayae

Enaiyae pizhinthu

Unai naan eduthen

Naan thaan nee verillai

Mugam vellai thaal

Adhil muthathaal

Oru venpaavai

Naan seithen kannae

Idhazh echilneer

Enum theerthathaal

Adhil thiruthangal

Nee seidhaai kannae


Kangal neeyae

kaatrum neeyae

Thoonum nee thurumbil nee



Vannnam neeyae

Vaanum neeyae

Oonum nee uyirum nee

Intha nimidam

Neeyum valarnthu

Ennai thaanga yenginen

Adutha kanamae


Endrum irukka vendinen

Thozhil aadum selai

Thottil thaan paadhi velai


Pala nooru

Mozhigalil pesum

Mudhal medhai nee

Isaiyaaga pala pala

Osai seithidum

Raavanan eedilaa en magan


Ennai thallum mun

Kuzhi kannathil

En sorghathai

Naan kanden kanden

Enai killum mun

Viral meththaikkul

En mothathai

Naan thanthen kannae…ae….

Ennai vittu erandu ettu

Thalli ponaal thavikkiren

Meendum unnai alli eduthu

Karuvil vaikka ninaikkiren

Pogum paadhai neelam

Kooraiyaai neela vaanam

Suvar meedhu

Kirikidum bodhu

Ravivarman nee

Pasi endraal

Thaai idam thedum

Maanida marmam nee

Naan kollum garvam nee….

Kadal ainthaaru

Malai ainooru

Ivai thaandi thaanae

Petren unnai

Udal savvaathu

Pini ovvaathu

Pala nooraandu

Nee aalvaai mannai

Kangal neeyae

kaatrum neeyae

Thoonum nee thurumbil nee

Vannnam neeyae

Vaanum neeyae

Oonum nee uyirum nee

Kangal neeye lyrics:


Oru Madhurakinavin Lyrics: മലയാളം ലിറിക്‌സ്

December 10, 2023

 Looking for Oru Madhurakinavin Lyrics?

Check our latest post about Oru Madhurakinavin Lyrics in which we are sharing Oru Madhurakinavin Lyrics. 

These lyrics are copyrighted content of there respective owners. We just sharing them with our users so that they can understand the Oru Madhurakinavin song. 

Oru Madhurakinavin Lyrics

Oru Madhurakinavin Lyrics: 

Oru madhura kinaavin lahariyilengo

Kudamulla poo virinjoo

Athilaayiram aashakalaaloru pon vala neyyum

Thein vandu njaan alare thein vandu njaan (orumadhura)

 ഒരു മധുരക്കിനാവിൻ ലഹരിയിലെങ്ങോ


അതിലായിരമാശകളാലൊരു പൊൻ‌വലനെയ്യും

തേൻ‌വണ്ടു ഞാൻ

അലരേ തേൻ‌വണ്ടു ഞാൻ

(ഒരു മധുരക്കിനാവിൻ ) 

Adharam amrutha jala shekharam

Nayanam madhana shishiraamrutham

Chiri maniyil cheru kilikal

Megha neelamozhuki varoo poonchurul chaayal

Enthorunmaadham enthoraavesham onnu pulkaan

Onnaakuvaan azhake onnaakuvaan (oru madhura)

അധരമമൃതജലശേഖരം, നയനം മദനശിശിരാമൃതം

ചിരിമണിയിൽ ചെറുകിളികൾ

മേഘനീലമൊഴുകി വരൂ പൂഞ്ചുരുള്‍ ചായല്‍

എന്തൊരുന്മാദം എന്തൊരാവേശം

ഒന്നു പുൽകാൻ ഒന്നാകുവാൻ

അഴകേ ഒന്നാകുവാൻ

(ഒരു മധുരക്കിനാവിൻ )

Kalabha nadhikal ozhukunnatho

Kanaka nidhikal uthirunnatho

Pani mazhayo pularoliyo

Kaala bhedhamezhuthiyoree

Kaavya sangeetham

Kanni thaarunnyam swarna thein kinnam

Athil veezhum thein vandu njaan

കളഭനദികളൊഴുകുന്നതോ കനകനിധികളുതിരുന്നതോ

പനിമഴയോ പുലരൊളിയോ

കാലഭേദമെഴുതിയൊരീ കാവ്യസംഗീതം

കന്നി താരുണ്യം സ്വർ‌ണ്ണതേൻ‌കിണ്ണം

അതിൽ വീഴും തേൻ‌വണ്ടു ഞാൻ

നനയും തേൻ‌വണ്ടു ഞാൻ

(ഒരു മധുരക്കിനാവിൻ ) 

Listen On Youtube: 

Song Credit:

Singer: K. J. Yesudas

Song Name: Oru Madhurakinavin

Album& Movie Name: Kanaamarayathu Nanayum thein vandu njaan (oru madhura) 

We hope that you will love Oru Madhurakinavin Lyrics. If yes, shares these lyrics with friends and family. 

89 Dirty Meaning: Meaning of 89 In Double Meaning?

December 04, 2023

 Are you looking for 89 Dirty Meaning?

Here are dirty meaning of 89:

In some se_xual contexts, the number 89 commonly refers to oral Se_x, wherein one partner performs ora_l stimulation on the other.

89 Dirty Meaning

Other Meanings of 89 (89 meaning in double meaning): 

Number 8: Often associated with qualities like abundance, achievement, power, and material success. It signifies balance, karma, and the law of cause and effect.

Number 9: Symbolizes completion, wisdom, humanitarianism, and spiritual enlightenment. It's considered the number of universal love, compassion, and selflessness.

Double Meanings or Symbolism:
In some contexts, the number 89 might be associated with financial prosperity (related to the success of the number 8) reaching a state of fulfillment or humanitarian endeavors (attributed to the attributes of number 9).

In certain cultural contexts or beliefs, numbers are believed to have hidden or secret meanings. However, interpretations of these meanings can vary significantly based on different cultural beliefs or practices.

Sometimes, numbers in popular culture or within certain communities might acquire additional symbolic or double meanings, but these interpretations can be subjective and context-dependent.

So its depends on things and your perspective of how you look for it. 


1. what is the meaning of 89 in dirty mind (89 meaning in se_xually)?
Ans: se_xual contexts, the number 89 commonly refers to oral Se_x, wherein one partner performs ora_l stimulation on the other.

Punjabi Captions (2024) : Punjabi WhatsApp Attitude Status and Love Quotes

December 01, 2023
How many times there you see Punjabi captions and impressed. I can say every time. Every time we see a Punjabi Status on WhatsApp, We impressed with it. Punjabi status is a very amazing one.

Well, here we created some of the amazing Punjabi WhatsApp statuses that are amazing to share with you guys.

Your love and support are amazing to this blog. Thanks to all you guys for your motivation and support.

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Punjabi is the most popular language of Indian State Punjab. But Punjabi attitude status and Punjabi love status are famous worldwide. If you love to read attitude status, Then this post is for you.

Read all these WhatsApp status and share it with your friends too.

Convert Your Status Into Amazing Instagram Fonts


Punjabi Captions For Instagram:

Kudiye ne, munde nu nachna sikha ditta

Jatt life, jatt loyal.

Pind di shaan, pagg di swag.

Mitti di khushbu, te Punjabi swag. 

Diljit Dosanjh vibes, all day, every day.

Taste da king, food dil di jind!

Khane di selfie, mazza di guarantee!

Rasoiya di mehmaan, apne dil de saath!

Tere pyaar diyan saugatan, mere dil di yatra!

Rabb da pyaar, tu mera yaar!

Tere pyaar ch kalla marjaan, dil vich dhadkan!

Tu meri zameen, mein tera aasmaan!

Badmashi di sarkar, swag full kaim.

Ajj di badmashi, kal da yaar.

Badmashi mode on, haters be warned.

Gabru Punjab da, never backing down

Sher Punjab da, ruling with strength and pride.


    Whatsapp Status In Punjabi:

    O kanda gadhta sirre da jag fan ban gaya
    O yaar shuru ton hi mafia da man ban gaya
    Honsla gaadar ho gaya ni
    Tere yaar nu pataliye naare
    Shoot da order ho gaya ni
    Tere yaar nu pataliye naare

    Dekhi ek din tainu apni banake lejana ae
    Tainu ghar ni

    Tainu pagalpan lagda
    Ae chahat hai meri
    Hunn saahan ton wadh ke
    Mainu load hai ve teri

    Kise kolo mangna maut barobar
    Rabb wala sarda rahe taan changa hai

    Chhad babul da vehda
    Turan lagi ae tere nal sajna
    Tere hatha vich pa Ke hath avda
    Rooh pyaar di sauhn khandi mitra.

    Dukh vadda hove ja shota
    Matter nahi karda
    Dukh vich apni khaas nal khade aa ke nahi bs eh matter karda

    One day
    We will be together,
    Because you re in my ardaas.

    tainu💁 lgda #vEhAm ho gya😎
    Jatt👳👉 tan hor v #kAiM💪 ho gya😎

    Bas ena ku ameer karde rabba!
    Meri maa jis vi cheez te hath rakhe oh main ohnu ose vele khrred ke de saka.

    Mind blowing#munda😎body poori #kaim💪e
    chitte nalo chittiya 👰#firangna v # fan e
    I don't want good"munda",but I want a good "saas",munde nu ta assi sidha kar dehna!

    Kaim ta 🙋menu saari 👸👸kudiyan kandiyan ne pr,
    😊😊khushi ta tere 🙊🙈Bandar kahn naal aundi aa...!

    Kise de behan bare ohna hi bolo
    Jina apni behan baare sun sakda aa...

    Suit paya kar sohniey
    Inner me:-tu kehda leke dinda jatta.

    You give priority to your so called"
    Babu-shona "
    But my priorities are"bebe-bapu"
    We are not same bruhh...

    Ik supna tutt jaan toh baad
    Dusra supna dekhande hausle nu zindgi kehnde ne.....

    Howe ena mera oh kardi
    Jina bebe meri bapu da kare

    Mele baby ne thana thaya is temporary
    Kutteya phone cho nikal ke roti khala is forever.

    Roses are red
    Violet are blue
    Oh dukhi aatma
    Kadi hass vi leya kar tu.

    You say"oh sorry" after you sneeze
    I say"waheguru"we are not same bro.

    Hnereya toh door dekhi ek roshni baldi ae
    Matlabi hoja sohneya dunia edi chaldi ae..

    Kirpa tu enni kari rakhi maalka jithe jhukar mera ser oh dar tera howey.

    Roti ek dang karlangey mithiye ni
    2 dang chalu parriyan.

    This could be us"but har vaari main phle messages kyu kara.

    Har cheez kismat te chaddi jaawe
    Taan kismat kujh vi nhi chad di

    I call him sardar ji
    He calls me sardarniey
    Its all about love and balance ❤️

    Punjabi Attitude Status: 

    Punjabi Attitude Status
    Waheguru ji mehar ker deo
    Zindgi cho door hanker
    Kar deo
    Punjabi Attitude Status
    Je tenu koi parwah nahi
    Fer farak hun koi
    Mainu vi nahi penda
    Punjabi Attitude Status
    Yaara di yyari ute
    Maan hai
    Ena naal he meri shan hai...Punjabi Attitude Status
    Punjabi Attitude Status
    Bhul gaye ne kuch
    Lok sanu es kadar
    Yakeen maneyo yakeen nahi hunda.

    Punjabi Attitude Status
    Mae kade gine nahi
    Tere varge kinne gaye te kinne aaye...Punjabi Attitude Status

    Punjabi Attitude Status
    Yaar chaar hi bathere ne
    Gall sirre laun nu
    Punjabi Attitude Status
    Haje v kuch lok majak samgh rahe ne
    Har din nu aitwaar samgh rahe ne.
    Dil wadda rakhi sajna
    Dunia di soch boht chotti hai.
    Punjabi Attitude Status
    Band kla-kla shehar peya hai
    Waqt maare da kesa kehar peya hai....Punjabi Attitude Status
    Je tu changeya da hai Badshah
    Asi v paapiya de raaje han
    Soch samgh ke chaal chali buggeya
    Asi vikan valeya vicho nahi tikan valeya vicho han.
    Mae dekhi esa haaru
    Tu jit ke v pachtawega...
    Punjabi Attitude Status
    Hath saaf rakhan naal
    Kuch nhi hona apni soch saaf rakho.
    Je pauna hai khitaab nu
    Ta parna pehna kitaab nu.
    Punjabi Attitude Status
    Akal choti ho jaave
    Ta jubaan lambi ho jandi hai.
    Pith pichey nafrat
    Muh utte pyyar
    Ajkl loka da eho karobaar.
    Dhyaan Manzil te rakho
    Duniya ki kehndi hai
    "Eh fer kade sochage"
    Beshak chaa vangu ubal rahi hai zindgi
    Par apa v har ghut da swaad Lvage....
    Duniya nu meri haqiqat vaare
    Pta vi ni
    Ilzaam hazara ne te galti ik v ni...
    Kise diya galtiya nu
    Benkaab na kar
    Nili chatt vala betha hai
    Tu hissab na kar.
    Apne kam layi ehni mehnat kro
    Ki lok sochan tuci pagal ho...
    Paisa bachona nai
    Banona sikho...
    Raftaar to jyda
    Disha jaroori hai.
    Honsla nahi harna chahida
    Kayi vaari zindra gucche di
    Akhri chabi naal khulde hai.
    Appa us kam vich koke jar daiye
    Jo duniya kehndi eh ni hona.
    Chamcheya to bach ke raho
    Eh jere v bhande vich pende ne khali kar dinde ne..

    Kam kaaj chalde rahnde ne
    Mehnat karan vale agey
    Vad de rehnde ne
    Te saran vele sarde rahnde ne.

    Punjabi Love Captions:

    Punjabi Love Status
     Kise ikk chij to sab da mann
    Bhar janda hai
    Fer tera mere ton kyu na
    Punjabi Love Status
     Meri zindgi da oh din bara khaas c
    Jis din tere naal hoyi mulaqaat c..
    Punjabi Love Status
     Tenu mae time te reply na deva
    Dil ta bari door di gall hai...
     Chahat hai ki tu mil jaave
    Menu umar bhar de layi...
    Punjabi Love Status
     Bina gall ton gusse
    Rehna koi tere to sikhe....
    Punjabi Love Status
     DiL WADDA RAKHI sajna
    Duniya di soch boht chotti hai....
     Ohne pucheya mere sehar ki len aaya C
    Mae keha "SAKOON"
     Tu honsla hai mera
    Kade sath na chaddi
    Ni ta mae zindgi haar javagi...
    Punjabi Love Status
     Sheti-sheti banja tu
    Maapeya di nuh ni
    Bebe barhi tang hai
    Aa ke kam sambh tu ni...
     Saahan to v sohneya
    Tu hogya jaroori
    Dil ik paL v Na
    JhaLe teri doori....
     If a sardar falls in love,
    He will go against all odds to be with his sardarni...
     If a jatt falls in love,he will go
    Against all odds to be with his jatti...
    Punjabi Love Status
     I fell for you
    Hun taan sajjna
    Jaan muk jaugi
    Par tere layi pyaar nhi mukna...
     Sardarniyan naal
    Sardar hi sohne lagde aa...
    Punjabi Love Status
     Reejh ik dil di
    Har janam tere naal bitwa mae
    Tu akha agy rahe sada
    Bas tenu dekhi java mae...
     Dooriya v boht hai
    Pyyar v bohat hai
    Kad mulaqaat hou intezaar v boht hai
    Punjabi Love Status

    Har Gal nu sardarniey dil te na laya kar
    Pyar karda ha mae tenu thora jeha ta taras khaya kar.....

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