Indian Air Force Quotes: Status, Images and Video Status For Air Force

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Indian Air force is the world's fourth-largest air force. Indian airforce is the pride of India. We all have dreams to join the Indian armed forces but somehow not everyone is enough lucky to join these. 

If you join the Indian Air force it means you are in a highly respected job in India. Indian Air force gives you respect job security and the dream to serve your country. 

Indian Air Force Quotes

So today in this article we are going to share some of the best Indian Air force quotes that you can use on your WhatsApp status or any social media website to show your dedication towards the Indian Air force.

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Best Indian Airforce Quotes:

Thank you Indian Air Force 

for providing safety by maintaining "Highest Battle Field" on 🌎

Jai Hind🇮🇳



The Indian Air force is ready for the War.

नभ: स्‍पृशं दीप्‍तम्

(गर्व के साथ आकाश को छूना)

Touch the sky with glory

जय श्री राम

शुभ संध्या🐚 

Either I will come back after hoisting the tricolour, or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure" - Capt Vikram Batra.

Indian Air Force Quotes

Those of us who have never been in the military don't understand what it is like to serve in the military."

The Motto of Indian Air Force (Touch the sky with Glory) has been taken from eleventh chapter of the Gita.

I regret I have but one life to give for my country'

Real security lies in the prevention of war'and today that hope can come only through adequate preparedness.

India is a golden bird and play is its new wing. Happy Indian Air Force Day.

Because India is free from our ancestors; Now it is our responsibility to maintain their independence in the future. Happy Indian Air Force Day.

No real change in history has ever been achieved by discussions

Indian Air Force Quotes

War is not just the shower of bullets and bombs from both sides, it is also the shower of blood and bones on both sides.

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