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Oneplus Referral Code: Get Extra Discount On Every Purchase On Oneplus

Oneplus is one of the top-selling smartphone company. You will get high-quality products from Oneplus at a very effective and cheap cost. Now as you have made your mind to purchase an Oneplus device, We are sharing Oneplus referral code so that you will get an extra discount on your purchase. 

Before we start, here are some points to be clear.

1. In India: You will get a Discount from Rs 200-2000 depends on your purchase

2. In the United States: You will get a discount from $20 to $200 Depends on your purchase

3. In Canada: You will get a referral code discount from $20- $200 depends on your purchase.

Oneplus Referral Code: 

Well, here we will guide you step by step about how to use Oneplus invitation code for your purchase. Please follow all these steps carefully to get an Extra Discount. 

Well, before we start. Here is a screenshot of the same product. One valued in 1999 and the same product in 1799 ( 200 rupees extra discounts).

Oneplus Referral Code

1. Click here to activate your coupon code.

2. On the next screen, it will appear your extra discount one plus code. 

Oneplus Referral Code

This coupon code is for both smartphones and other accessories too. 

Rs 500 Discount: If you purchase a smartphone

Rs 200 Discount: If you purchase an accessories

3. Use this invitation code when you purchase any product on Oneplus website.

4. Wow, You get an extra discount on this product. Now share the price with your friends too. 

How To Get My Own Oneplus Referral Code: 

Well, This one is not a hard task at all. To get your own Oneplus invitation code from Oneplus, Start to follow these simple steps. 

Well, Before we start, Here is a requirement to start. 


1. Oneplus smartphone. 

If you have an Oneplus smartphone, Keep reading continue.

1. Click here or visit Oneplus website and go to the referral hub. 

2. Now enter your Oneplus IMEI Number to verify.

3. To get Oneplus IMEI number dial *#06#. 

4. Enter the Oneplus IMEI number and you will get your Oneplus referral code.

5. Copy this code and share it with your friends. 

6. When any of your friends purchase a Oneplus from your link he/she will get an extra discount. 

7. An win-win situation. 

How To Use Oneplus Referral Code In Amazon: 

Well, In amazon there is a custom section where you can apply coupon codes but you cant use other store's coupon codes there. 

To redeem the coupon code in amazon, Just visit amazon and Go to amazon pay wallet. Add your coupon code there. 

So you cant use the Oneplus referral code on amazon. 

By the way, You can use the Oneplus store too to get an extra discount.

Oneplus Referral Code India: 

Well, you can use the button below to generate extra discount on your next purchase. 

After click this link, you will get a discount on your purchase on oneplus. 

So if this article can help your friend, share this link with them. Maybe your friend get help from your side.  

OnePlus Referral Code Canada: 

To get a referral code for Canada, follow this link and get oneplus referral code for Oneplus. 

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