Ramana Maharshi Quotes: Inspirational Quotes From Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi, who was a Hindu sage and known as JiwanMukta. He had shared many life-changing motivational quotes that are still changing people's life.

Ramana Maharshi was very clear about life and goal. His quotes about love and death still play an important role in people's daily life. 
Ramana Maharshi Quotes

Before we get a glance on his life:
  • Born: Dec 30, 1879
  • Died: Apr 14, 1950
  • Full Name: Venkataraman Iyer 
  • Also Known as Bhagwan Shri Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi Quotes: 

No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.
Without understanding yourself, what is the use of trying to understand the world?

That which comes and goes, rises and sets, is born and dies is the ego. That which always abides, never changes, and is devoid of qualities is the Self.
Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect. Later you take on limitations and become the mind.
You need not aspire for or get any new state. Get rid of your present thoughts, that is all.
The degree of freedom from unwanted thoughts and the degree of concentration on a single thought are the measures to gauge spiritual progress.
One must realise his Self in order to open the store of unalloyed happiness.

Even the structure of the atom has been found by the mind. Therefore the mind is subtler than the atom. That which is behind the mind, namely the individual soul, is subtler than the mind.
Time is only an idea. There is only the Reality. Whatever you think it is, it looks like that. If you call it time, it is time. If you call it existence, it is existence, and so on. After calling it time, you divide it into days and nights, months, years, hours, minutes, etc. Time is immaterial for the Path of Knowledge.
The concentration of the mind is in a way common to both Knowledge and Yoga. Yoga aims at union of the individual with the universal, the Reality. This Reality cannot be new. It must exist even now, and it does exist.

If there is anything besides the Self there is reason to fear? Who sees the second? First, the ego arises and sees objects as external. If the ego does not rise, the Self alone exists and there is no second.
All bad qualities centre round the ego. When the ego is gone, Realisation results by itself. There are neither good nor bad qualities in the Self. The Self is free from all qualities. Qualities pertain to the mind only.  

Silence is also conversation.

I am not the perishable body, but the eternal Self.
The best way to meditate is through meditation itself.
Our own self-realization is the greatest service we can render the world.
The body dies, but the spirit that transcends it cannot be touched by death.

Let come what comes, let go what goes. See what remains.
Actions yield result by the ordinance of God as He wills.
All activities and events that a body is to go through are determined at the time of conception.
For those who have obtained unobstructed knowledge of Self, the world is seen merely as a bondage causing imagination.
It is the Higher Power which does everything, and the man is only a tool. If he accepts that position, he is free from troubles; otherwise, he courts them.
When there are thoughts, it is distraction: when there are no thoughts, it is meditation.

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