Free Books To Read Online: Get Top Selling Books For Free From Amazon

Books are a great source of knowledge. Every time when you read a book, you get something new to learn. But nowadays, as the corona is spreading, Buying books is become difficult. That's why we are listing here free books to read.

Well, is these books are really free?

A great source of knowledge is free now and in this article, you will get all of those.

Free Books To Read Online: 

1. Think & Grow Rich: 

Free Books To Read
Think & Grow Rich

A book written by Napoleon Hill and one of the best selling books of the time. This book is enough to explain to you your money goal.
Overall this book is getting a 4.2-star rating out of 5.

My views on this book: 

  • It is one of the great books I have read.
  • Rich in it doesn’t necessarily mean financial richness but being rich spiritually, financially, socially. Rich in it was more about the focus on achieving success for me and being happy.
  • The language used is exceptionally well and I connected easily with what was said from the start of the book.
  • In nicely segmented 16 chapters basic principles are written which if applied are sure to improve chances of success for one.
  • Habits that I am applying after learning from the book.

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2. Legend of Suheldev: The King Who Saved India: 

One of the best real events based on books. It is the story of the magnificent King Suheldev of the 11th century. After reading this book I got that many real heroes are still unknown in Indian history. 

What I got in this book: 
  • King Suheldev was a proud Indian.
  • He united all — Hindus of all castes, Buddhists, and Indian Muslims — under his leadership. 
  • Won us a glorious victory
  • King Suheldev was a devout Shiva bhakt- a devotee of Lord Shiva. (Read Lord Shiva Quotes)
I must say, as an Indian if we unite, we are unbeatable. 

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