Corona Warriors Quotes: Quotes for all Corona Warriors

This year the corona pandemic changed our lifestyle and with it, we find New Real Warriors, Our Corona Warriors. To celebrate and wish them, we create some awesome Corona Warriors Quotes.

We know that these are not enough for corona warriors but we try to wish them.

From Us: Thanks Corona Warriors For becoming Our New New Real Heroes.

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Corona Warriors Quotes: 

#They are real corona warrior's...I salute doctors...

#"Why fear, when Corona Warriors are here"
Huge respect for the Corona Warriors who are working selflessly & tirelessly for the good health of the people. Love and Support

#Doctors, paramedics, policemen, sanitation workers and others engaged in fight against COVID19 deserve a Big Satute for their relentless contribution & sacrifice.

#Corona warriors will win
Corona Couriers will loose

#Thank you CORONA WARRIORS It’s immense to see the service that u have provided. We are safe, credit goes to all the frontline workers.Salute the courage and energy of corona warriors. Feels like God has taken avatar in form of corona warriors. Thanks :)
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 #Dearest Armed forces of India, you never fail to amaze us . Just love and more love to you❤️
Seen in the picture are applauding the corona warriors,frontline workers, sanitization workers, police forces and the healthcare workers.

 #No big no small (from doctors to nurses to cops to sweepers) for extending such a help and I pray to God everyday for ur long and happy life, in this war like situation, you all r the real heroes, I wish you all to get all the happiness in your lives :)

 #When everybody is sitting home, the policemen, doctors, etc are working Day nd Night, These people r CORONA WARRIORS.
The whole world is praising the efforts that r being made by corona warriors to ensure everyone’s safety everywhere.

#From the Rag Pickers to the Doctors , nurses and security personnel standing on all fronts are working for the people Day nd Night  , And made their Life in danger .No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks :)

 #So many people salutes our Heroes,
Doctors ,Army , NGO , Everyone Who is fighting for us.We salute them .

 #24/7 They are fighting for us ~
Giving their 100% effort , they are like God for us who is saving us .Web salute our warriors .

 #"The duty that you are doing for people and the country without thinking of urself and your family is truly something that we cannot quantify"
Thank you so much WARRIORS the face of Gods.
Dil se thanku :)

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